DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

You would think that with all the pretty pictures that all my projects work out, but I am here to tell you I have A LOT of failures (my hubby can vouch for me!), some projects take a few goes to get the results I pictured in my head and have them be something I am proud to share with you. Some never make it to the blog and get thrown out. Today’s project took me two attempts to get right, or should I say the results I wanted. The ones I made first looked fine, just not good enough for you! I have to admit I do seek perfection in what I do and I think a majority of the time I am happy with what I present here. There have been times I haven’t and I hate those posts, I kinda want to delete them, or redo them but instead I will just pretend they don’t exist and get on with things… isn’t perfect after all…….

Without further ado let’s get into today’s DIY Colourful Marble Coasters, which regardless of my initial failure I actually really love the final results and you get to learn from my mistakes so it did work out for the best…… the end!

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters Supplies:

  • White Tiles (coaster size) has to be white as you will see parts of the tile
  • Liquitex Pouring Medium
  • Liquidex Acrylic Ink (I used magenta, turquoise & yellow orange)
  • Skewer or Toothpick
  • Masking Tape
  • Gold Leaf (not shown)
  • Gold Leaf Glue (not shown)
  • Gold Leaf Sealer (not shown)
  • Baking Paper (not shown)
  • Aliminium Foil (not shown)
  • Baking Tray (not shown)

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Before you do any preparations make sure you are working on a level surface as this medium is self-leveling and will pour off the edge of your tile if your work area is not level.

The first thing you need to do is use your masking tape to cover the sides and base of each of the tiles. This prevents your inks and pouring medium from getting all over the tile and making a mess.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Cover your baking tray in a layer of aluminium foil and then baking a paper. This makes for an easy clean up and stops you from ruining your baking tray.

Lay all your tiles out on the baking paper covered tray.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Pour your pouring medium onto the tiles (do one at a time), you need just enough to cover it but work from the middle out to the edges as it will spread out as you go. You can use the skewer to move it to the edges if you need to.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Next drip one colour of the ink onto the pouring medium (less is more here as the ink will keep spreading even after you do the next few steps). I just did three drips. (Oh and I should mention the inks come with their own eye droppers)

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Using your skewer make swirls with the ink.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Add each of your remaining colours one at a time and mix with the skewer, leaving gaps between each colour.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Once all your colours are applied and swirled go back and forth across the whole tile mixing your colours a bit more. But do not over mix or you will end up with muddy colours. Just go back and forth a couple if times.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Do the same step for each of your tiles.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

You will need to leave them to cure for 24 hours. I moved mine to another tray to dry out just to get them away from all the extra pouring medium that will drip over the edges of the tiles. You don’t need to do this but it does help to make them dry better. While they sit there the ink will continue to bleed within the pouring medium.

WARNING!!!!! DO NOT TOUCH THEM WHILE THEY CURE – YOU  WILL RUIN THEM! Put them on a level surface far away from little fingers.

Once they have cured remove the masking tape, slowly. As the masking tape is removed it will leave nice clean edges.

I was planning on finishing them here but while I was making these I decided that gold leaf edges would look amazing with these colours. So I decided to do a trip out to the craft shop and get some gold leaf, gold leaf glue and a sealer.

You could just leave it there but I used the gold leaf and the glue to place gold leaf along the edges and over a little bit on the top giving it a rough edge, which I think looks pretty. You will need to seal your gold leaf.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

I have to say, without (hopefully) sounding arrogant, I think they look beautiful! I love all the colours and how they mixed together, it is very organic and no two are alike which makes them so special And the gold edge gives it that touch of glamour.

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

Colour Saturated Life | DIY Colourful Marble Coasters

It can be a messy project to make but totally worth all the work as they make such a statement.


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    Hi! Stopping by from Motivational Mondays. This is really cool! So colorful and fun! Thanks so much for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Marilyn - March 24, 2015 - 2:59 am

    These are so fun and colorful!ReplyCancel

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    So creative! I think I will try to make these. I pinned it! Thank you for sharing.ReplyCancel

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    These are so fun!ReplyCancel

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    LOVE…the colors are so pretty! Great tutorial on how to make them too. Happy Spring!!!

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