My Family

Behind everything I do there are these people and furry friends who put up with all my crazy and still find something within me to love. They motivate me and inspire me and ultimately are the best parts of me. So if you are coming on this journey with me you definitely have to meet my family….

My Husband – Dean
Definitely the better half of me….Dean is the kind of guy everyone likes instantly….and I am kinda not (I am not a guy either). Dean says all the right things….and I kinda don’t. Dean is quiet and reserved….I am kinda not. Dean likes to reflect and think about things…I am all about jumping in head first. Dean is a polite driver….I am soooo not (seriously have people heard of their indicators!?). Dean is everything I ever wanted in a man and didn’t know I needed; he is kind and generous, hardworking to a fault, loving and selfless, my best friend and in whose arms I always feel safe. I cannot fault the man that he is and I know that he is WAY more than I deserve but somehow we just work together and find balance with each other. To put it simply we are a perfect fit.

Our Daughter – Rena
Rena is her Mother’s Daughter….the good and the bad. We prayed for a little girl with red hair and blue eyes and got just that, plus all the spunk and rashness that comes with being a redhead. She is our miracle and all our prays answered in one. We couldn’t love her more if we tried. Her existence inspired me to change my course in life and she continues to inspire me to not only be a better Mum but a better person, someone worthy of the people that love me.

Our Eldest Child & Furry Friend – Jassie the Lab
Jassie is a pure-bred Golden Labrador….she is our bargain puppy who cost us over $3000 in vet bills in her first two years of life after she was run over by car on our family farm: Emergency surgery, a toe amputation & 12 months of daily bandage changes later she was healed. She is now 12 years old and has taught us what unconditional love is and  the true meaning of a best friend. She has a spirit about her that is endearing to everyone she meets. She loves the beach and the water….she has daily swims in our dams at least once a day, even in winter. She is our daughters protector, groupie and best friend. Those two are inseparable.

Our Cat – Autumn
 I have been a cat person my whole life, but I have to say Autumn is a cranky cat….Autumn is the perfect cat cliche ….she really hates people, especially kids, she will tell you off when she needs food and will tolerate a pat on her terms. She will sit at an open door for an hour before finally deeming it safe to enter. If I buy something new she will paw at it very carefully, then freak out, before deeming it safe. She sleeps in the roof and likes to drink water from the toilet. She is odd but an awesome mouse catcher which makes me happy. Secretly we are best friends who hang out at night together when everyone is asleep (I am starting to think she doesn’t like to be seen with me in public).

Newest Furry Baby – Coco the Chihuahua
Coco is the puppy we never planned to have but has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is my shadow, my constant companion and friend… matter what I am doing: working on the computer, painting, sanding, baking or watching a movie…..she is right by my side. I adore her. Her love was an unexpected surprise! She is soooo tiny but fierce at the same time. I may be a little bias  but she is a freakin’ awesome dog! I am not really into having a dog indoors….who wants to deal with wees, poos, dog smells and hair? But really besides some seriously stinky gas she is amazing and we love her to death.

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