1. My favourite times in my childhood were spent backstage at Lind Lane Theatre …..my Mum was a local thespian and performed in more plays than I can count.

2. I have an OBSESSION with vintage chairs…..I just can’t help myself!

3. The #1 thing on my bucket list is to live in a foreign country for a year…..I don’t really care where (though if I can convince my hubby that Tuscany is a good idea I would be a happy girl) but once I get the green light we are gone!

4. I love watching my daughter sleep….I have watched her, her whole life and it is by far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

5. I am NOT a morning person…..I like the quiet stillness that night brings.

6. I love french films….romantic comedies mostly….I just love listening to the language.

7. If I had not met my husband I am convinced I would have become one of those old ladies with a million cats!

8. I love reading…..my favourite book is “Tully” by Paullina Simons….I first read it as a teenager and I found myself on those pages.

9. I always wanted short black hair so when I finished school I cut all my hair off and dyed it black….I loved it BUT not one photo was taken of that time in my life (BTW – it was a pain to grow out!)

10. I am an introvert who is very good at pretending to be an extrovert.

F o l l o w   M e