About Me

I am a wife and a mum, photographer, artist and a fanatical home creator & decorator and a whole lot of other stuff that makes me, me. No one thing defines me but all these things play a part in bringing me joy and helping me make this small patch of the world I call home unique to me. I would love you to join me in this crazy place I like to call my Colour Saturated Life. Here you will find a place that hopefully inspires you to take risks and believe a little bit more in yourself and what you are capable of. I am all about DIYing, creating a home that is all your own, finding the artist inside you and capturing the everyday moments that make up a life.
I grew up in a creative family. My life has always revolved around art and expressing myself creatively. I started blogging so I could share every which way I like to spend my time; such as, photography, painting furniture, DIY projects, upcycling, painting, drawing and decorating. I want to inspire people to try new things and take risks…..I have always lived my life with the belief β€œI could do anything I set my mind to” and I want to encourage people to do the same.
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