Adding Street Appeal

Colour Saturated Life | Adding Street Appeal

On Friday I shared the first DIY of a secret project I have been working on over the last few months. Today I am excited to share with you the details of what we have been up to! Yey! With that I have to confess something……our house has no street appeal. This has nothing to do with the fact that our house isn’t even on the street, it actually sits right in the middle of a 90 acre farm so no one really sees it except us and the occasional family member who visits, it is to do with the fact that is it butt ugly. I have spent a lot of my energy trying to make the inside of our home pretty so I have completely ignored the outside, I am more of a homebody after-all and plants die in my presence so why would I bother?

A few months ago we finally decided to take the leap and make our front porch more presentable. Once I was given the green light from hubby I started pinning ideas (like a mad crazy woman possessed) and nailing down a colour scheme. The problem with our home (something I don’t like anyway) is that the roof is green….it isn’t ugly or anything, just green, which makes it hard to choose colours to go with it (personally I would prefer a silver, grey or a charcoal coloured roof). I REALLY wanted to do a bright coloured front door….when we first moved here I wanted red but the green and red combo just made me think of Christmas. Annnnd that was as far as I got! Then I wanted to replace our front door with a old chippy looking one, but I couldn’t find anything that would fit our door frame. Annnnd that was as far as I got! As you can see this “project” stalled AT LOT! I am really good at procrastinating if needed, what can I say? I’m Gifted! Then about eighteen months ago we started work…..we added some wood trim to the plain door to make it more interesting and we built a garden bed. Annnnd that is a as far as we got! I took some before photos at this time so we could see the progress and now you can see for yourself what our house basically looked like a few months ago.

Colour Saturated Life | Before Photo of Front Porch

One of the odd things about our house (and yes there are several) is that our front door and back door are a few meters away from each other on the front of our home! We never use the real front door, we use the sliding back door that leads right into our kitchen. The real front door leads you down a short passageway past the bathroom and my office and into the other side of the kitchen and living room. You can see how small our kitchen really is as it fits between those two doors! What you need to know about our home is that it is a perfect example of upcycling….almost everything in this house from the windows to the frames are secondhand (even our kitchen once lived in another house), it was built on a very tight budget and it wasn’t built for us. We just ended up here and have slowly made it a home until we can build our dream home here on the farm……don’t ask me when that will happen as the story is long and complicated and we have no control over anything….so while we wait we are grateful that we have this little slice of Australia to call home. Anyway the point of the story is that because a lot of it was upcycled they couldn’t be too picky about the design and layout, so there are a few quirky elements that can make you a little crazy!

Colour Saturated Life | Before Photo of Front Porch

Colour Saturated Life | Before Photo of Front Porch

Colour Saturated Life | Before Photo of Front Porch

Pretty Right!? Yeah, not really! BUT, it doesn’t look like this anymore! It will be a few weeks before I can share the after with you as we are still working on some details, but our to-do list is getting shorter everyday. Until then I wanted to share the design board I put together to show you how we hope it will look like once we finish.

Colour Saturated Life | Eclectic Front Porch Design Board

Sources Left to Right – Top to Bottom: Mine | Yellow Door | Brick Flooring |

| Outdoor Light | Pot Plant | Lanterns | Black Bench | Succulents | Yellow Pillow |

| White Pillow | Black and White Striped Pillow | Garden | Sideboard |

So lets talk about “the plan”……firstly we are painting the house white, the front door a yellow-orange and the concrete area is getting a new finish (I will show details on this DIY in an upcoming post). The dead grass area in the last picture of our front porch will become a dry creek-bed looking garden with low maintenance, drought tolerant plants and will incorporate a seating area. The main colours I am using are yellow, black and white…….a great combo that incorporates my love of colour, striking black and white elements while still complimenting our green roof. I have two furniture projects I am incorporating into the space including a black bench seat and a vintage sideboard (not the one pictured from Restoration Hardware but something similar) I will be sharing these makeovers with you. The sideboard isn’t going to be a permanent feature as we plan to replace it at some point with a custom built piece of furniture but for now this will be a great spot for laying out all our food for outdoor entertaining while bringing the indoors out! Having vintage elements like this are a must in any aspect of my home.

I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly excited about this makeover but now that we are getting closer to the end I am in love with what we are doing. We are already planning our next outdoor project, now that we know what we like and have a plan for the use of the space it makes it a lot easier to decide on ideas. I cannot wait to share the reveal with you and all the little and large DIY projects that we have incorporated into this space.

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  • Carrie - September 2, 2015 - 4:18 am

    I can’t wait to see the afters! I am a lot like you – I am always tweaking the inside of our home but the outside has been terribly neglected. Unfortunately, I do live in a neighborhood on a street! Sorry neighbors…ReplyCancel

    • Gilly - September 10, 2015 - 9:23 am

      I can’t wait to see it finished too, we have one last project! My favourite part is always taking the pretty pictures, somehow seeing it all styled and perfect makes all the hard work worth it. I am sure once you get some time you outside will look amazing, at least you have one cute little excuse to put if off for now 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Breanna - September 1, 2015 - 10:37 am

    Can’t wait to see it, Gilly! I know it’s going to be amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Gilly - September 10, 2015 - 9:24 am

      Thanks Bre, I hope so! Hope your new home is going well! xoReplyCancel

  • Ardith - August 31, 2015 - 9:34 am

    Very exciting and kudos to you both for taking control of and getting so creative with the exterior of your home. It’s bound to look amazing. Cheers, ArdithReplyCancel

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